Abusive relationship

Abusive relationship

Do you watch television? What a stupid question, right? It’s just that two individuals in my family do not, ever. I fully admit that I do. I’m a crime show fanatic. Take your pick from any current crime series running on television now days. I probably watch it weekly. You want to know one thing every crime show has in common? They all show us what an abusive relationship looks like. Sure, they vary in severity and number of victims, but we can tell what to look for. Therefore if someone were being abused in this modern society, wouldn’t we all be able to spot it? Considering that we know the person. Think about that! Who do you know that may express symptoms? If you know someone, it’s your duty as a friend or even an acquaintance to help. If you don’t, maybe no one will.

Why do we shy away from responsibilities? I have a friend, whose aunt was in an abusive relationship. He knew, his family knew, and everyone basically knew. So what was the deal? Where was the intervention? I couldn’t help but inquire his thoughts. I demanded to know what he was waiting for. He’s a grown man and he should assist her. However, he informed me that they could not get her out of the abusive relationship, basically because she refused. So then what do you do? This woman is in her 40s, and still she chooses to stay with someone who treats her poorly. Hmm, this can be a tricky issue. You see, when someone is abused, they are typically isolated as well. The abuser will keep them away from friends or family. He/she will disconnect the victim from the outside world. This in turn renders them powerless. It sounds utterly horrible, but it’s reality. They also make their victims feel guilty or swear they only do what they do out of love. The victim often feels sorry for the abuser.

Clearly an abusive relationship is a complicated. It’s crucial for all of us to identify with the common signs. If someone you know has bruises, cuts or scrapes on a regular basis, ask them about it. Individuals who are stuck in an abusive relationship will commonly act withdrawn from society. Moreover, if you see a child that fits these symptoms, it’s your duty to see what’s up. A child cannot be expected to deal with an abusive parent or relative like an adult. Trust your intuition.


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