My life is balanced

My life is balanced

I am calm and centered.

I clarify my priorities. I figure out what I want out of life and what is most important to me. I set goals that are meaningful for me.

I plan my time. Sticking to a schedule helps me to make intentional choices and work efficiently. I limit distractions and take breaks when I need them.

I manage my commitments. I focus on quality more than quantity. I distinguish between being busy and being productive. I devote my time and energy to projects that are close to my heart.

I keep things simple. I focus on essential tasks. I set limits on media consumption and take time off from technology each day. I clear away clutter and buy less stuff.

I take care of my health. Protecting my wellbeing enables me to take care of my responsibilities and do the things I love.

I cultivate a sense of belonging. I enjoy adequate amounts of solitude and socializing.

I weigh my personal and professional activities. I maintain reasonable office hours. I develop interests and relationships unconnected to my job.

I practice moderation. I am content with what I have.

Today, I enjoy a balanced and fulfilling life. I maximize my health and happiness by creating realistic expectations and paying attention to each aspect of my wellbeing. I feel stable and energized.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What does being well-rounded mean to me?
2. How can I set healthy boundaries while working at home?
3. How do unexpected events affect my sense of balance?

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