Common Cold

We all know the symptoms far too well. First it begins with a sneeze or two; then you acquire scratchy throat; suddenly you’re coughing and wiping the mucus from your sore red nose. Does this sound familiar? Who knows; odds are you’re doing it right now. After all, this is the beginning of the cold season. So, how can we obliterate the common cold? How can we squelch this common virus so that it never shows its ugly little head again? Ha, don’t plan on this happening! Don’t you think if we could, we would have long ago? We’d all get shot for it, like we do measles or chicken pox. Nope, the sad truth is that the basic virus known as “the cold” is sticking around for yet another winter. But, there are certain ways to speed it along. Can anyone say ZINK?

WASH those hands! This is one of the most imperative actions that anyone and everyone should take regarding the common cold. Why? Because it’s the best way to prevent getting one. Although some folks may believe that the common cold is contracted when we’re outside freezing, or soaking wet with no coat on; this is not entirely true. Here’s the deal; we all have an immune system. Of course this immune system functions best when we consume a healthy diet and keep our bodies at 98.6. Once you drop the temperature and start shivering like a madman, you’re more susceptible to a common cold or virus. This is simply due to the fact that your immune system has more difficulty fighting it off. Make sense? Now, as most of us already know, most common colds are contracted from others who already have the sniffles and sneezes. They pass along their germs and we’re tainted. This is one of the main reasons you should always wash thoroughly. Scrub the germs off of those hands with a good soap. Do it as much as needed. Imagine how many things you touch throughout the day, and then touch your face, mouth, eyes, nose, ect. That’s how the common cold is spread. WASH!

Zink is a big deal now days. This certain vitamin speeds the common cold or virus along. It aids us in battling the sickness so that we can resume normalcy. This is why there are so many ads for Zicam. It’s a fairly new product that folks are buying like crazy. I too purchased it a couple weeks ago and it got rid of my common cold very quickly. Give it a shot.

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