What is Blogging to You

There are so many new-age terms floating around these days. This especially applies to the Internet. Many older individuals and even some younger people have trouble keeping up with all the changes and nuances our high-tech world has to offer. If you had said you were going to check your email account on a cell phone 20 years ago, obviously everyone would have thought you were mad. However, this is a brave new world we all share and it’s loaded with gadgets and mediums. Take voicing your opinion for instance. While folks used to do this on the radio or television, they now do it on the Internet. So if you’ve ever asked yourself; what is blogging? It’s basically a way to vent your thoughts, emotions and opinions via the web. Do you have something to say?

In reality, loads of people take full advantage of the Internet for blogging about their viewpoints. While anyone would have said, what is blogging merely five years ago, today it’s all the rage and in full effect. Now, ponder a few reasons you might want to start a blog. Oh, wait a minute! We should establish a few formats first. Websites like Blogger.com and WordPress.com allow you to sign up for free blogging accounts and start blogging about whatever you please. It really is that simple. Within minutes you can have something published online. Anyway, what would you prefer to blog about? Maybe you want to begin a blog on politics, car mechanics, kitchen cutlery, inflation, racial discrimination, money making or movies. The choices are endless and they’re all yours.

Now, if you’re still not clear on what is blogging or what your motive would be to do it, you should consider the monetary gain. Yep, you guessed it! You can actually earn from blogging on the web. Essentially websites such as Blogger.com, which is affiliated with Google, allows you to place relevant ads on your blogs. This in turn enables you to earn ad revenue whenever a web surfer clicks on one of the ads. This is a primary reason why many folks make the decision to create blogs in the first place. You can earn money with your knowledge and advice. At this point you no longer have to ask anyone; what is blogging? Now you know!


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