Is an online address book better than a paper copy?

Is an online address book better than a paper copy?

I am still not convinced that I like an online address book better than I do the one I keep here on my desk. Granted, they contain different information and the online one is essential for email, there is something to be said for having the information on paper where no computer goof can come along and delete the information. I always back up and print out my online address book and print it out just incase something were to happen.

I have an email address with Yahoo and I have on through my Internet service provider. Though I had to use Yahoo for business reasons, I don’t have a choice at the moment. I am working on getting my own site, but until then, I have to work with the one Yahoo has for me. The problem with my Internet provider’s email address is that it does not have an address book. If I were to use it for business, I would be easily confused. I’m not the best typist, even though I am a writer, and I know I would be misspelling many addresses if I have to type them in on my own. Yahoo, at least, has a great address book so I know it’s right every time.

I couldn’t understand why my Internet provider does not have an address book for email addresses. This is something that many have come to rely on, and this is why I don’t use it very often. If I have to email a client I hope they can over look my Yahoo handle, even though it is my name and not something silly, but I still don’t think it looks as professional as the email address I have with my service provider.

If you have an address book online, remember to back it up like I do. Even though you may think Yahoo is reliable and you won’t ever lose your information, you can’t know this for sure. Things happen and information is lost. This is also why you should print out any emails that you want to save, because they might disappear. I lost quite a few emails at one time, and I would give anything to get them back. Printing out your email address book won’t take you too long, and you will be glad that you have it. If you add addresses, simple print it out again so you know it is accurate and up to date.

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