What are the advantages of email?

Many people shy away from computers and all computer-related issues, thinking it’s all part of some complicated world they can’t possibly master. Older people are especially prone to this misinformation, because they didn’t grow up with all of the modern technology the younger set is absolutely immersed in today. You hear about text-messaging, instant messaging and email attachments. Soon it becomes a blur and you don’t know the difference between a blackberry and a portable drive. Oh my, no, it’s all too complicated for me! Does this sound like you? Well, take heart. Let’s start you off with one of the best and easiest technologies in computers, email. You’ll soon be convinced of the many advantages of email. Before long, you’ll wonder how you did without it!

Email is the acronym used for Electronic Mail. Although there are many email programs, the basic presentation is the same. You start with a blank page, in which there are spaces, called fields, to type in your addressee and the subject of your message. The main part of the page is used to type your message. Use the tab key to move from one field to another. So the first advantage of email is that using it is simplicity itself.

When you’ve finished typing your message, there’s no addressing an envelope or looking for a stamp. No trip to the post office. You simply point the arrow cursor on the ‘send’ button, and off it goes.Your message is usually received within minutes!

Unlike an ordinary paper letter, with email a copy of everything you send is automatically stored in your email box. Look at the left hand menu, where categories of message items are listed. Click on the ‘sent’ button in this menu to see a copy of every message you’ve sent, with date and time-stamps. Record-keeping and archiving are another important advantage of email you don’t get with paper letter writing.

So, the advantages to using email don’t stop here. Along with your letter, you can electronically attach digital photos and documents. Send pictures from your 30th anniversary party to friends across the country. Send a copy of a legal agreement you’d like your lawyer son to review before you sign.

Did you forget to buy a card for your niece’s graduation? There are hundreds of greeting card websites with thousands of choices for any occasion and theme. Most are free! Off they go with a simple click. You can personalize your greeting with your own message and even insert special effects and animations!

Surely you’re itching to try this wonderful technology. Believe me, once you start using email, you’ll be hooked. The final kicker: if you’re plagued with arthritis, your hands will not be hurting after a single letter – you’ll keep going and going, painlessly!


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