Problem Meowing – How To Hush Your Cat

We all love cats. They are endlessly entertaining, cute as anything, and despite what some people might think they are highly affectionate. Indeed, once you have got the friendship of a cat you are pretty much set for life with your pet. They are highly faithful animals. That’s not to say, though, that they cannot get on your nerves from time to time. There’s no harm in that, really. Humans do that. But sometimes it can become a problem if their behavior gets to a stage where they are more annoying than affectionate.

One of the more common problem behaviors with cats is excessive meowing. It should be said that, in comparison with a dog’s problem barking, meowing is far less intrusive to neighbors and other people. Nonetheless, it can be troublesome and it is not something you want to encourage. The immediate solution you should be looking for is to check why your cat is meowing. Is it hungry? Is it in pain? Or does it just fancy exercising its vocal cords for a time?

If it is the last one, then it can be hard to think of a solution. If it is hungry, you can feed it and if it is in pain then you can treat it. However, if it just seems to like meowing then you need to think of another way. Often, this kind of meowing is simply your cat looking for attention. One thing you will find is that if a cat which is meowing is picked up and fussed, it will usually stop. Sometimes all they want is to be the center of attention.

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