Litter Training Can Save Your Carpet

When you have a new cat, it is generally accepted that it is going to have its share of “little accidents” when it comes to using the toilet. As cats are creatures of instinct, it is only normal that, when it comes to performing natural bodily functions, it will basically respond to the “law of the jungle”, or to be more accurate it will urinate and defecate where it sees fit. If your cat is an indoor pet, this will generally take the shape of going on your carpet or hardwood floor, and then trying unsuccessfully to bury it.

Most people on buying a cat instantly also buy some necessary equipment, such as a litter tray. However, persuading a cat to go in the litter tray is not always easy. Such trays are filled with “cat litter”, which is usually made from natural substances and allows the cat to go to the toilet somewhere that it can bury what it has done. However, a tray filled with litter is not the same as a forest floor. It is also usually very specifically positioned, taking away the cat’s chance to go where it wants, so you need to be firm with training it.

Unlike humans, cats have a very quick digestive cycle, so the important thing when training one to use a litter tray is to wait for a few minutes after feeding, and then physically place the cat in the tray. It will discover that the litter enables it to bury what it has done, and in time will acclimatise to using the tray as its most efficient way of following its instincts.

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