A Honeymoon Registry – what is it?

What is a Honeymoon Registry? Going through the internet and looking up ideas, I came across this intriguing concept. There are more couples getting married after they have lived on their own and are established in apartments or homes.

They are often well set up and have many of the traditional wedding gifts such as pots, cutlery, pans, toasters and dishes. Thus the nature of bridal registry has been changing. One offspring solution to this problem is a “Honeymoon Registry”.

A Honeymoon Registry Services offers a solution for these couples, their friends and family, who still want to buy them meaningful wedding gifts. This is done through a three-step process whereby it is possible to buy parts of the honeymoon as wedding gifts.
First, make contact with your travel agent for assistance in planning your honeymoon. Your travel agent can then suggest different honeymoon destinations and put together packages tailored to your interests.

Step two – your travel agent will then put you in touch with a honeymoon registry service, to finalize your chosen honeymoon activities. Then they set up a registry so that wedding guests can help pay for your dream honeymoon. The honeymoon registry service should be able to make suggestions on possible honeymoon activities.

Step three – after a couples’ honeymoon has been planned, the honeymoon registry service can take those plans and put them into a registry list. Instead of the list containing household items, it contains pieces of a couples’ honeymoon.

Friends and family can help the couple pay for airfare and resort accommodations, and buy romantic gifts, such as a candlelit dinner. The items on honeymoon registry lists can include activities or “extras” that the couple would like to do on their honeymoon. Honeymoon registries are a new way of helping the couple, begin their life together. Dishes, toasters and china may break or get old, but a honeymoon gift will always be a memory of a special time in their lives.


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