Dog Pepper Spray

It’s only natural to assume your surroundings are fairly safe. Especially if you reside in middle-class suburbia like most of us do. Take a quick gander down your street and you’ll probably spot other homes just like yours, along with a few trees and sidewalks. Not too scary. However, it’s impossible to tell when danger might emerge. Harmful people and animals can surprise us out of nowhere. That evening jog you take with pride could turn deadly if a stray dog were to attack you. Maybe you’ve never spotted one in the past, but wouldn’t it make more sense to be prepared just in case you do in the future? You need some dog pepper spray!

My step-mother has always been one to go for evening strolls. She enjoys a nice brisk walk after dinner. She claims it works off the extra calories. Anyway, her doing this was never an issue until she was bitten by a German Sheppard. I know it might sound bizarre, but it happened nonetheless. As she took a corner, she accidentally bumped into a German Sheppard. Since the K-9 was feasting on a rabbit, it snapped at my step-mother as if she were trying to steal its meal. She was bitten on both forearms and needed stitches. From then on out, simple walks through the neighborhood didn’t seem so safe. My father purchased a personal can of dog pepper spray for her to carry on each walk. This way if an animal becomes aggressive and begins to attack, my step-mother can resort to her dog pepper spray to blind the animal.

Products such as dog pepper spray can be used to fend off human aggressors as well. It’s called dog pepper spray, because it was created to warn off large/aggressive K-9s, but it will certainly work of other living things. This is something you should put some thought into if you’re a nature nut or enjoy jogging, walking or running on a regular basis. A good can of pepper spray can go a long ways in a confrontation. Not only does the pepper temporary blind the attacker, but it causes them to feel sick and disoriented as well. This is the perfect form of self-defense for today’s world.

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