Finding a 0% balance transfer Credit Card

Day after day Americans receive oodles of credit card pitches in their mail boxes. There’s hardly anything you can really do about it, other than tear them to shreds and toss them in the trash can. I mean come on; how many credit cards do they really think we need. We’re not trying to acquire one for each and every store we shop at. Anyway, there is one thing we all tend to notice on credit card offers, and that’s “0 on balance transfers.” This phrase often catches our eye. Sometimes we’re even looking for it. Now, a bigger question lied in the details. Yeah, you know; the finer print. How long will the 0 on balance transfers last? Is it only for the first year or is it a fixed APR? Also, how large can the balance transfers be? These are pertinent questions for each and all of us who have credit card debt.

Wow, did you know they start sending credit card ads your way once you’re 18? I of course noticed this when I turned 18. Suddenly I was getting pitches from all the big boys like MasterCard and Visa. This seemed kind of cool to me at the time. It made me feel like I was truly reaching adulthood. However, since I ended up getting a credit card back then, these days I grapple with credit card debt. It was a trap in some sense. They love to snag you when you’re still young and naive. So look out all you teenagers! A few years back I was actually searching for a decent 0 on balance transfers credit card offer. I needed a way to consolidate the hefty credit card bill I currently had. My APR was suddenly 13.25. That’s horrible. I needed to find that awesome credit card pitch with the 0 on balance transfers option. This way I could transfer my entire balance to the new card and no longer deal with the terrible monthly percentage rate. I think most folks can relate to this common routine. Heck, we all strive to do this at some point in our lives. The only down side is that most of the 0 on balance transfers deals only last a year before the interest rate rises.

The web is a wonderful source to exhaust if you’re in need of a better credit card deal. Get online and punch the words “0 on balance transfers” in your Google search engine. Sort through the numerous results in order to see which credit card looks right for you.

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